Website navigation usability

website navigation usability

Navigation is a vital feature when it comes to achieving usability and best user experience on your website. Navigation should give indication of user’s current location on the website with easy and clear direction to intended destination. A good navigation should be easily accessible from any device.

One of the aspects to consider in achieving navigation usability is information architecture. During website’s navigation planning it is essential to discover the entire website’s information architecture. There is need in understanding how each website information relates to each other in the creation of the entire system.

Observing the websites Information architecture will make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for, because information architecture focus on the organizing, structuring and classification of content in an effective and appropriate manner. Even though every website has Information architecture it is more important in complex and large websites where it’s used for various roles, in the case of navigation; to organize the site content into taxonomies and hierarchies of information.

Having simple and consistent navigation throughout the entire website is another aspect to consider, this will result in best user experience as your website users will know how to navigate your web pages with easy. Having different navigation design can give users the perception that they've been redirected to totally different website. Webpage linking should be simple and wonderfully inter-linked so that your site visitors can get to any page they want with ease.

Another aspect to take into consideration is deeply nested or long drop down menus can be irritating to the user and not good for Search Engines, therefore having deeply nested navigation will have negative effect on your Search Engine optimization effort. A website with less nested drop down menus or simple navigation, useful internal/external links and well defined pages will be crawled and indexed faster and with easy by the search engine spiders…