Website typography
We consider website typography as one of the basic elements in our web design process. Font family is basic and very important because the font used in a website will have an immense impact on the end user experience. Usually Font family used on a website is based on personal preference just like other visual design aspect of a website which are based on preference and brand identity like the colour scheme used in the design. So choosing the right typography for your website will definitely have an immense impact on the website usability.

There are plenty free web fonts available online with google providing a wide range of free font family (have a look here) from most basic and simple like Serif, Sans Serif to fancy types like Stalemate, cursive and Script font type which is known for its sophisticated, light and professional look. It is important to use various typography principle to implement the elements within the website design to achieve a good visual design, make the website content readable to users.

For best use experience and usability font type hierarchy, alignment and consistency are important, aspect to consider. Arranging the font type in the right order will make the content more appealing while giving direction to the user when they are reading the content from the most important to the least important information within a content. Consistent font type will keep the user reading your content without focusing on the different formatting type or getting distracted with varying typeface within the same article.

There are numerous amount of free font type and numerous amount of web fonts that can be purchased online. Check google for free web fonts if not satisfied check online for what to purchase.