Make your website standout

If you are a website owner these are some of the important factors that will make your website standout and get more attention from potential clients;

1. Visual Design:

If you have a website it’s most likely the first platform your customers and prospect will experience and know about your business, services or products therefore it is absolutely necessary for a compelling first impression. Your website’s appearance is important as it is what will grab potential customer’s attention to keep exploring your website content.

A website is a marketing tool that should give your business effective online presences, it should be elegant with a proper professional look. For a visual design to be good it will have to focus on the aesthetics of website and its related features by strategically using all the basic web design elements like fonts, image in an effective way that will enhance the content and function of the website and engage website users well.

2. User friendly Navigation:

Navigation is a vital aspect when it comes to achieve good user experience since users will like if they can easily find the information they are looking for. Your website's navigation is another essential element in establishing a good design. Make it easy and possible for your website user to navigate through your content. Site navigation should be up to dated, responsive and accessible from any device.

Webpages ought to be wonderfully inter-linked so that your site visitors can get to any page they want with ease. Consider things like; long drop down menus can be irritating to the user or deeply nested menus are not good for SEO. A website with easy and simple navigation, useful internal links and well defined pages will be crawled and indexed faster and with easy by the search engine spiders.

3. Visual hierarchy of features

Visual hierarchy controls which of your website’s elements should mostly dominate user’s attention and controls how to purposefully effect user flow and choices. Making important features/content more prominent to grab user attention, things like forms, call to action should be well placed on the site with appropriate size, colour and typography. Keep in mind how these features looks like on mobile devices.

4. Simple captivating images:

Use of appropriate and convincing images in your site is very important as it give the user more information about your business. If it’s a product having a clear beautiful image will get the customer want to buy or sign up for more information.

Images are influential as they deliver more information to the user and given that humans are visual creatures Images exceed words and allow for a greater understanding of all that is being discussed. And besides the visual effect your website visibility on search engines is important too and incorporation and appropriate use of well optimized images will improve your website ranking on search engines result.

5. Website visibility:

Another important and indirect factor in making your website standout is the visibility on search engine result for your business specific keywords, having a website that is professionally build and well optimize for search engines will make it both user friendly and search engine friendly. Search engine optimization helps the search engines like google, yahoo or Bing to understand what each single page in your website is about and how valuable they can be to users.

6. Testimonials:

How many time have you looked for product or services review online before you can purchase them? Testimonial and reviews help regular, new or potential clients to be more confident in purchasing your products or services. Proliferation of honest and genuine reviews of your product or services will not only improve conversion and customer experience but also has substantial SEO benefits since search engines will find new and unique content from the reviews posted.


There are a various factors to be consider in the design and development of a quality website. But the above are the basics factors that will make your website standout and determine how long a user will interact with your site in the first few second they visit your website.